Cloud White makes it BRIGHT!


Have you ever wanted to renovate your kitchen but you were afraid of the costs? People are often surprised at how little it costs to transform your kitchen by just repainting the cabinets. Changing the colour of the cabinets can have an amazing drastic effect!

The particular job pictured above took about a week to complete (which is average give or take a day). The average sized kitchen cabinet job itinerary looks a little like this:

  1. We arrive at your home with drill in tow to remove cabinet faces.
  2. We clean cabinet boxes and island with Krud Cleaner to remove food particles, dirt and grease (yes even the cleanest of kitchens require a clean so the primer adheres to the surface!)
  3. We lightly sand boxes and apply primer to any surfaces we cannot bring back to our shop to be sprayed.

**Special note: we COULD spray the boxes but we prefer to hand prime and paint them as we like to allow a kitchen to still be usable while we have all the doors and cabinets off.

4. We take cabinet doors and drawer faces back to our shop to be properly cleaned and sanded before the first coat of primer is to be sprayed

5. First top coat is sprayed on the fronts. They are laid out to dry.

6. They are turned and backs are sprayed with first coat. At this point    we check for any bleed through.

7. Second coat is applied. Now the drying process happens.

8. We load up finished cabinets and doors and head back to your kitchen to install them.

9. We install them and do any required touch-ups. Now we’re finished and you are able to enjoy your new kitchen!

A common question we get is “How long will my painted cabinets last?”, to which you can refer to the amazing interior designer Kylie Mawdsley’s blog. We painted her maple cabinets two years ago. Your kitchen is a very high traffic zone so a few chips and wear is common but your new kitchen cabinets should hold up for a long time!

If you’d like to get a quote on getting your kitchen cabinets painted I can give a quote over e-mail with some pictures. Shoot me an e-mail at and we can get things rolling for you (yes that was a painting pun! :P)